Decadence 1

Rachel Steele, 42, is a wildly successful erotic novelist living in a small town that is sexy and kind with a good heart. And, she loves sex. Group sex, straight sex, lesbian sex. She can't get enough until a blast from the past rekindles the old flames. Experience the joys of falling in love, making love and realizing her dreams. 

Decadence 2

Rachel, 47, meets Alex, 28, at the grocery store and the sparks fly. She had lost her mate two years ago and wasn't expecting to meet the man of her dreams. Smitten he was. The feminine, confident young man swept her off her feet and over the next few weeks they fall hard for each other with passion, love, lust and hot sex. Both fulfill each others's deepest desires in the process, including Alex being the best cross-dressing lesbian he can be.

Decadence 3

Rachel Steele, 30, is a sex therapist hired by a wealthy client for $1 million to show his shy, virgin daughter, 18, the art of lovemaking and lesbianism. All Rachel has to do is go on a two-week vacation with the nubile Alison and show her passion, but she is forbidden to fall in love. But, as Rachel makes love to Alison over and over, does she also lose her heart to a client?

Decadence 4

Rachel Steele is the new hotshot reporter for WKBC in Panama City Beach, FL. Gerald, her sexy camera man and producer, is the hot Black guy. What sexy trouble do these two get into?


Decadence 5

Rachel Steele is divorced with a child and her eighteen year old babysitter has the hots for her. How hot will the romance and the sex get between these two women? Will Rachel be everything Selexa dreamed of? Will Rachel find true love in Selexa? The embers of love and passion and sex burn bright in this page turner. 


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