A pearl drops into infinity.

Dreams fade past oblivion.

Then I see your face.

Such a sweetness that begs forgiveness.


Rose petals fall on the ground.

Though they hold not a candle to

your beauty that transcends time.

Your hair of a subdued Auburn.

Your smile that beleaguers the sun.


A promise that is made whence

it came to fruition in your eyes.

Solemn glances of perilous glows.

Majestic intentions forlorn the poet.

Has love not found its denouement?

Have I not found the sun’s ecliptic?


Casual glances fill my mind.

Lo’ a door opens in the wind.

Your effervescence climbs past

the creative quill of my pen.


The mercury rises past ascension.

Is it not fate that binds us?

A heart of gold entombs you.

I wince at the grand expanse

that encompasses your beauty.


The elaborate tongue of the chanteuse

holds not a candle to your face.

A presage of glory amid dreams.

A pastiche of a tapestry of magnificence.

A seer could not have foretold you.


Cry not for the favors not granted.

Weep not for the loss of innocence.

Your object d’art in quintessential

elegance of a romantic past.

Feel the love that is around you.

And forget not the passion that is yourself.


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