Twist the thorn in your side.
Lust falls from an earthen tree.
See past the garden of Gethsemane.
See past the sea of knowledge.
See past the spring of eternal youth.

A cross hangs silently on the wall.
You were born this way
not from a bad romance, 
but from the edge of glory.
The monster ball is your story.


I see your eternal beauty
walking down fifth avenue naked.
So free and unbridled of shame.
Singing and dancing
you just married the night
and danced in the flames.


What's with the poker face,
your highness Stephanie Germanotta?
Tattoos adorn your body in green.
Words and images someone dreamed.
You give yourself away.
A crystal chandelier falls 
and shatters past you.


You drink champagne from a wine glass.
Rain falls and pelts your skin from above.
One only can marvel at the magnificence
of one being so free and uninhibited.
Of course, you are Lady Gaga.
The one to come and have no end.

Cameron Rowe


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