Long stemmed red roses compares not to your beauty.
A phoenix rises from the flames in the distance.
My soul swims in the elixir of your passionate embrace.
I'm shaking just like a gentle breeze in spring.
You're object d'art in the exotic continuance of space.


Lo' I look and what do mine eyes doth see?
Surreality in all it's glorious display, blinding me.
A star falls in the east behind the wings of your majesty.
Your silken voice whispers in the wind and is intoxicating.


You stand in the red sun and all eyes gaze upon thee.
A goddess in white silks, the stars tremble in your wake.
A flash of fire from the heavens descends upon thee.
Your blue eyes pierce to the core of my being.


Oh, what do you say Little Bird in your dreams?
Do you smile at the sound of you name that thunders 
in the heavens from the sound of trumpets?
Hues of purple and fuchsia displays the night.


A gentle rain falls on your silken skin from an ominous cloud.
You're another world wonder that people view from afar.
You're the end of the rainbow in search of gold.
The intensity of innocence falls on the land in silence.


You're a goddess clothed in the finest silks of gold.
Were you just a dream, a vision of things to come?
You showed me what heaven looks like in absolution.
I drift off to sleep amazed by your soft presence.
I drift off to dream of your pretty face in the distance.


Cameron Rowe


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