Six months after her mom died, Lauren, a porn star, invites her step daddy to come a visit her. She's totally in love with him and has a plan to make him her own. How far will she go to seduce him? Will it work? And, what happens if she gets more than she bargained for? The novel is a tour de force of seduction and lovemaking from the mind of Rachel Steele, the author of Decadence series and the Girlfriend Experience.

Dentist Sarah Goldman, 39, is a lonely woman that decides to hire professional courtesan Kate Goldstein, 25, who is a beautiful young woman not to mention Sarah's dream girl, for three months at a cost of $250,000. Kate quickly rocks Sarah's world and shows her affection, love and great lovemaking. But, Sarah wants more than what she has paid for. She wants Kate to be hers. Will Sarah get the girl of her dreams? Can Kate handle finding love in the arms of a client?

Valeria Collins is young, 30, a bookstore owner and a witch, which she hasn't fully explored. But, enter the dashing and handsome Max Collins, no relation, and she is swept off her feet emotionally, physically and spiritually in a passionate romance full of love, sex and desire. Will she endear herself to her powers? Will her love with Max be beyond her wildest dreams? Take a journey into the heart of a witch.

Susan, 45, is a married woman that just moved in next door to the hunk Cameron, 25, and the sparks fly. Cameron is a trashy romance novelist of note that seduces Susan leading them to a passionate affair for the ages. Hot sex and tons of passion erupt between them. Will the hot and passionate sex with Cameron end her 25-year marriage to her fifty year old husband? Will she run away with the younger man? How far will Susan go to scratch an itch that has been hidden for years? How hot will the fires burn?


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