Taylor Swift

I look into the prism of oblivion.

What do mine eyes doth I see?

Your face so shiny and pure,

void of malice and the macabre.

Light in the shallows pierces

my heart of hearts with fascination

at your pearly skin and I harken

to the gaze of your eyes of pearls.


Your silken robe dines on your

porcelain skin with effervescence.

My soul winces at the majesty of

your beauty that reminds forever

of the crystal sea of imminence.


Angels kneel in the wake of your

supreme beauty and in the elegance

of your raiment that outshines the sun.

The searing porridge of a thousand

orchestras compares not to thee.


‘Twas this not the advent of the Goddess?

The one foretold for centuries to befall man.

To betroth him with a vision of all dreams?

Wars will be fought in your honor.


Battles will rage in the hearts of men for thee.

How can one look at the sun and not burn?

The chalice of dreams is overflowing.

Clouds pass by in rapt succession

heralding something beyond passion,

something that was once lost and now found.


The sky falls and there is a mist about you

that floats across the lake covering the

pristine waters that reflect your beauty.

A thousand lights bare the earth of your glory.

The light overcomes me in waves of purity.


Was it all just a dream, a fervent vision that

situated in my mind from beyond my soul?

I dare not ask who you were at that moment.

It is an elegy that will endure forever,

beyond time and space, and, above all, me.




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